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Adrian Aguilera, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Dr. Aguilera conducts clinical research utilizing health information technology to improve mental health services, with an emphasis on low-income and ethnic minority populations. Dr. Aguilera has received strong training in research methodology at Stanford and UCLA with an emphasis on understanding cultural and community influences on mental health processes and outcomes. He seeks to translate this knowledge to the development and dissemination of innovative, evidence-based practices in underserved communities. He has identified health information technology techniques as potential tools to improve mental health services at low cost. His research and clinical experiences with low-income, ethnic minority, and Spanish speaking populations make him an ideal candidate to carry out investigations of whether and how health information technology can be harnessed to improve mental health outcomes. He has developed and pilot tested a text-messaging adjunct to cognitive behavioral therapy that has revealed promise as a method to improve services in a typically underserved population.
Stanford University, 2002, Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles, M.A., 2006, Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D., 2009, Clinical Psychology
University of California, San Francisco, 2011, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Services Research
2011-Present Assistant Professor – University of California, Berkeley School of Social Welfare
2009-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, Clinical Services Research Training Program (NIMH T32). University of California, San Francisco.
2008-2009 Clinical Psychology Intern – San Francisco Veteran's Administration Medical Center.
1999-2002 Research Assistant – Stanford University.
2002-2004 Research Associate – University of California, San Francisco.
2004-2006 Graduate Student Researcher – University of California, Los Angeles.
Current Research Support

5K23MH094442 (PI: Aguilera) 5/22/2012 – 5/21/2017
NIH/ National Institute of Mental Health
Automated Text Messaging to Improve Depression Treatment in Low-Income Settings

(PI: Aguilera) 11/21/2011-11/20/2013
Robert Wood Johnson New Connections
Text Messaging to Improve Depression Treatment in at Risk Populations

Selected publications (in chronological order)

Aguilera, A., Lopez, S.R. (2008). Community determinants of Latinos' use of mental health services. Psychiatric Services, 59(4), 408-413.

Lopez, S.R., Lara, M.C., Kopelowicz, A., Solano, S., Foncerrada, H., Aguilera, A. (2009). La CLAve to increase psychosis literacy of Spanish-speaking community residents and family caregivers. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 77(4), 763-774.

Leykin, Y., Torres, L.D, Aguilera, A., Muñoz, R.F. (2010) Factor structure of the CES-D in a sample of Spanish- and English-speaking smokers on the Internet. Psychiatry Research, May 29. [Epub ahead of print]

Aguilera, A., Garza, M.J., Munoz, R.F. (2010) Group Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression in Spanish: Culture Sensitive Manualized Treatment in Practice. Journal of Clinical Psychology: Aug;66(8):857-67.

Aguilera, A., Lopez, S.R., Breitborde, N.J.K, Kopelowicz, A., Zarate, R. (2010) Expressed emotion, sociocultural context and the course of schizophrenia. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, in press.

Aguilera, A. Muñoz, R.F. (2011) Text messaging as an adjunct to cognitive behavioral therapy: A feasibility/usability pilot study. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 42(6), 472-478

Aguilera, A., Leykin, Y., Adler, N., Muñoz, R.F. (2012). Individual and community SES effects on Smoking, Depression, and Obesity. American Journal of Community Psychology.

Leykin, Y., Aguilera, A., Torres, L.D., Perez-Stable, E., Muñoz, R.F. (2012). Interpreting the outcomes of automated Internet-based trials: Example of an international smoking cessation study. Journal of Medical Internet Research.14(1):e5.

Muñoz, R. F., Aguilera, A., Schueller, S. M., Leykin, Y., & Pérez-Stable, E. J. (in press). From online randomized controlled trials to participant preference studies: Morphing the San Francisco stop smoking site into a worldwide smoking cessation resource. Manuscript to appear in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Updated: August 24, 2012