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Are you interested in participating in our studies? Please click on the topic of your choice to see a description of available studies that are currently accepting research participants


The Mood Screener Project 

The goal of the project is to understand the how often symptoms of depression occur in Internet users. Use our Mood Screener to anonymously check your mood and screen yourself for depression, in five languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. If you like the screener, you can sign up to rescreen your mood monthly, for 12 months. If you sign up, you will:

  • Read and sign an “Informed Consent” document that has important details about this study
  • Answer some questions about you and your depression
  • Get feedback on your results
  • Receive 12 emails over the next year, one per month, to rescreen your mood.

To participate, click the following link:

Mood Screener

Have questions? Contact the Principal Investigator: Yan Leykin, PhD, yan.leykin@ucsf.edu


Using technology to help low-income and Latino smokers quit

Join a Stop Smoking study at StopSmokingSF.org. The i4Health team at Palo Alto University announces the launch of a new research study to test a web app to help adult English- and Spanish-speaking smokers and low-income smokers quit. Spanish-speaking smokers use smoking cessation aids such as the nicotine patch at less than half the rate of English-speaking smokers. Low-income populations have not reduced their rates of smoking as much as the general U.S. population. The current study intends to develop, evaluate, and disseminate a new smoking cessation tool intended to benefit all smokers, including Latino and low-income smokers.

By going to StopSmokingSF.org, English and Spanish-speaking adult smokers may participate in our research study, which takes place entirely online. At our site, they will find information regarding smoking behaviors, why they should quit, and how to quit smoking. Additionally, users can set a quit date and keep track of the cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis. Participation in this study will allow the research team to evaluate the current version of the web app and develop better ones to benefit future smokers who intend to quit. This free web app can be accessed anywhere in the United States with any web-browsing device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It can be used at a time and place that is convenient to the smoker.

To participate, click the following link:

Go to StopSmokingSF.org now

Have questions? Contact the Principal Investigator: Ricardo Muñoz, Ph.D.,  ricardo.munoz@ucsf.edu

The Chinese Community Internet Stop Smoking Project

To participate, click the following link:

The Chinese Community Internet Stop Smoking Project

Have questions? Contact the Principal Investigator: Janice Tsoh, Ph.D.,  janice.tsoh@ucsf.edu


Generous support for our projects has been provided by the
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Updated: April 9, 2016